Were dirigibles on the Empire State Building?

Were dirigibles on the Empire State Building?
Is this photo real or fake?

In 1929, it was announced that the Empire State Building, which was being built, was going to be taller than planned (by adding a mooring mast) so that dirigibles could dock there.

The actual reason is that the group of investors wanted to brag that their building was going to be taller than the Chrysler Building.

Yet it was impractical for an actual dirigible to dock at the building and dislodge passengers. None ever did. Some airships did pass close by, and some were able to tether themselves temporarily.

In 1931, the United States Navy’s dirigible Los Angeles flew by the building, but it was at night. To "prove" that the Navy airship was there, this fake photograph was created to show the event, conveniently attaching the dirigible to the building.

In 1937, the airship Hindenburg exploded while docking in New Jersey, ending any chance of airships docking in Manhattan.

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