This Bigfoot prank did not go well

This Bigfoot prank did not go well
 Randy Lee Tenley was known 
as a big kid in a man’s body.

This is a cautionary lesson on how not to do a prank.

Mr. Tenley and a friend thought it would be a funny prank to get people to believe they’d seen the creature Bigfoot, also known as sasquatch.

They went out late one night to a highway in Montana, where they lived, and Mr. Tenley dressed himself in a Ghillie suit. That’s a camouflage outfit used by paintball players, hunters and the military to hide the form of the human body.

This Bigfoot prank did not go well
A Ghillie suit can make you look invisible.

If he ran along the road, maybe a driver would see him and report a sighting. Then he and his friends could laugh about all the excitement over a hoax that they’d started.

When a car approached, he ran onto the roadway.

Did the Ghillies suit slow him down? Did he mean to run right into the path of a car but jump out of the way just in time?

He did not.

The car slammed into him. And a second car ran over his body.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Said Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry:

"He was just a normal guy with a sense of humor that didn’t serve him well."

This Bigfoot prank did not go well
A Ghillie suit could easily be mistaken for Bigfoot.

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