The techniques pedophiles use to rape boys

The techniques pedophiles use to rape boys
Jerry Sandusky hid behind the role of a lovable goofball.

How do child molesters get away with it? They are experts at confusing, charming and deceiving. With one boy, convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky used this technique:

Sandusky started with wrestling, to make physical touch seem normal. In the shower, the boy initially turned on a showerhead a few feet from Sandusky. Sandusky told him to use the shower next to him. This was a test. The boy complied. Then came the bear hug. The boy’s back was touching Sandusky’s chest and his feet touched Sandusky’s thigh. Sandusky wanted to see how the boy would react. Was this too much too soon? The boy felt "weird" and "uncomfortable." Sandusky retreated. The following week, Sandusky showed up at the boy’s home, circling back to test the waters once again. How did the boy feel? Had he told his mother? Was he a promising lead, or too risky?

Read the article: In Plain View. How child molesters get away with it. The New Yorker…

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One thought on “The techniques pedophiles use to rape boys

  1. If you read this article and next related one, it confuses a sane person, how these stupid dumb ass parents kept their children enrolled in this school after hearing so many complains of abuse toward their children or others. how stupid the parents are. I would not let my child stay in that school for another one minute no matter what the stupid mainstream education says about a school year opt out or programs. what these animals like Sandusky are made off is not for sure real human. I hope he gets in life this one or next what he deserves for psychologically damaging so many precious young adults’ mind for life. may he and his pedafile societies go all to hell.

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