The phony marathon runnings of Kip Litton

The phony marathon runnings of Kip Litton
Mr. Litton told some mighty tall tales.

There was something peculiar about dentist Kip Litton, a forty-eight year-old marathon runner who could complete a race in under three hours.

Marathon runner Kip Litton did not run the marathons he said he’d run.

Said Jennifer Straughan, a race director:

"It’s expensive… He flies all over the country, rents cars, plans in advance, has to figure out how many chip mats there are, how you deal with those. Think about how hard you have to work to not run a race."

But it gets better. Commenters on a message board on a running website began trying to figure out what was going on, and when they discovered more details, one poster said:

"This is the craziest thing I have ever read in my life. Ever. . . . WOW. . . . Better than porn. . . . Is it possible that Kip Litton doesn’t actually exist, and it is all an incredible ruse?"

He does exist, but there is an incredible ruse.

And when you get done reading the story, you’ll still wonder what’s going on inside Mr. Litton’s head.

To find out the details, read this article in The New Yorker:  
Marathon Man. A Michigan dentist’s improbable transformation, The New Yorker>>

Davison dentist Kip Litton has transformed himself from sedentary middle-ager to successful marathoner, MLive>>

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