The hollowed-out gold bar scam

The hollowed-out gold bar scam
You should not be able to peel 
the gold off a solid gold bar.

It’s the kind of con game kids might imagine:

"What if you took real gold and coated something with it and sold it to someone like it was solid gold?" 

A jeweler in Manhattan named Ibrahim Fadl bought a 10-ounce bar of gold for $18,000 from someone he’d bought gold from before.

Since he’d heard rumors about fake gold bars, he decided to drill into the bar, and some others he owned, to make sure they were real.

That’s when he discovered that $100,000 worth of his gold bars were fake.

Counterfeiters had taken real gold bars – which have serial numbers and papers that certify that the bar is real – and hollowed them out and replaced the gold with the metal tungsten.

The densities of tungsten and gold are similar, so weighing wouldn’t reveal the fraud.

However, tungsten costs around $1 per ounce, while gold is over $1,700 per ounce.

The FBI is investigating.

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