The heroic story of Joyce Hatto, musician

The heroic story of Joyce Hatto, musician
She hadn’t performed in public in years.

This is the story of a piano scam.

Based on the work that Joyce Hatto was creating, she was said to be one of the greatest pianists Britain had ever produced that nobody had ever heard of. And she kept playing brilliant classical piano works even while she was fighting cancer. But there was more to the story.

There was a husband who said he wanted her to be happy.

A husband, recording engineer and publicist who was "always adept at using the latest technology."

Watch a 30-minute video on the deception, or read a magazine article which dissects the scam and its discovery in great detail: Fantasia for Piano, The New Yorker>>

The Great Piano Scam

EXCLUSIVE: Husband of pianist in recording scandal speaks to The Crow, Royston Crow>>

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