The extremely creepy thing in her attic

The extremely creepy thing in her attic
It wasn’t supernatural, but it was unbelievable.

A single woman in South Carolina was putting her kids to bed when she heard a thump from the ceiling.

Then nails starting popping out of the ceiling over her own bed.

She dismissed the idea of poltergeists, but she thought it might be an animal, so she asked her older sons and an adult nephew to check out the attic.

It wasn’t an animal.

They found a man, who bolted before police could arrive.

It was an old boyfriend from years ago who had recently been convicted of stealing her truck.

The guy had packed old coats into a heating unit and was living inside. He was using old fast food drinking cups as toilets, filling them with feces and urine. And he’d rigged the ceiling vents so he could peer down at the woman in her bedroom.

Nobody knows exactly how long he’d been in her attic, but it was not longer than two weeks earlier, when he’d been released from jail.

Mother of 5 finds ex-boyfriend living in her attic, WCNC>>

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