How a visit to a bar made him even thirstier

How a visit to a bar made him even thirstier
David Weber

David Weber’s life was not going well.

Sure, he was in glamorous South Beach in Miami Florida, but he was homeless, and he really needed a drink. Maybe he could find some money in that car over there.

So Mr. Weber broke into the car, and found a credit card inside. What a lucky break. That’s just the thing to drink my troubles away, he thought.

He made his way to the Clevelander Hotel on Ocean Drive. It was just before midnight. Maybe he could get away with drinking by using that stolen card.

He handed the card to the bartender. Did the guy look startled when he got it, or was that just his imagination?

He sat at the bar and waited for his drink.

Instead, the police arrived. Mr. Weber said okay, the credit card isn’t mine, I found it on the ground, but hey I didn’t break into any car.

But how did they know so quickly?

Mr. Weber had made an error.

He had handed the bartender his own stolen credit card.

He was arrested.

Miami Beach police: Man tries to buy beer with card stolen from the bartender, Miami Herald>>

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