How to trick an online scammer

How to trick an online scammer
One guy fooled someone into 
carving a computer out of wood.

An article in The Atlantic explains the war between the scammers and the anti-scammers. These scam-baiters play the scammer’s own game and scam the scammers, such as the guys who claim to be Nigerian princes who need your help in getting an inheritance:

Scam-baiters have set out to reverse this dynamic, to turn the tables on the scammers. The legions of scam-baiters seek to con the con artists, often with remarkable artistry of their own. They tease the scammers with promises of payments that don’t arrive, with wired funds from banks that don’t exist, with Western Union money transfers that go awry. They lead the scammers on wild-goose chases to pick up checks from couriers who don’t materialize, insist the scammers perform ridiculous stunts, and ask them to pose with demeaning signs to prove their commitment to the transaction. Blinded by the same greed that blinds their marks, the scammers take the scam- baiters’ bait and, often as not, end up as heads on the virtual wall in the scam-baiting Web sites’ "trophy rooms."

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