How to crash a party

How to crash a party
Fred Karger is a party crasher.

In 1972, Mr. Karger legitimately obtained a security badge that allowed him to attend rehearsals for the Academy Awards. Then he discovered that his badge also allowed him to attend the actual Oscar ceremonies. He was hooked.

So what’s his secret?

"It’s all about looking appropriate and having that attitude," he said. "Never hesitate. Walk in with great authority." And one more thing: "Go through the kitchen. Especially at political dinners, just walk briskly through the kitchen in your tux or your suit, and no one will question you."

A prop can be helpful, too. "I had never crashed the famous Vanity Fair Oscar party, so I did that in 2007," Karger said. "I brought a fake Oscar and said I’d won for visual effects. I took four people in with me. At one point, I dropped the Oscar trying to take a picture with Catherine Keener. Everybody screamed! But it didn’t break, luckily. It was a good fake."

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Photo is from Gay Republican Fred Karger ends presidential campaign, Washington Blade>>

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