How Annie’s lies led to a legal disaster

How Annie's lies led to a legal disaster
Things were not measured correctly.

Annie Dookhan was a chemist for the state of Massachusetts drug laboratory. Her job was to test drug samples in criminal cases, and testify at trials.

Then authorities discovered problems with her work.

The head of the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys sent out a letter to its members:

"The lab analyst in question had unsupervised access to the drug safe and evidence room, and tampered with evidence bags, altered the actual weight of the drugs, did not calibrate machines correctly, and altered samples so that they would test as drugs when they were not."

She had been working at the lab since 2003, and worked on samples for 34,000 criminal cases.

She also testified in about 150 trials, and in those trials said she had a masters degree in chemistry, which she did not.

Because of her actions, all of the legal results in all the cases she touched are now in doubt, meaning that those who were guilty may have to be set free, and those who were innocent may have been falsely convicted.

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