Cop issued traffic tickets to dead people

Cop issued traffic tickets to dead people
"Here you go, sir."

A police officer in New York city was told by his superiors to write more tickets for red light and seat belt violations.

Officer Paul Pizzuto complied by writing tickets for dead people.

He was caught when his fellow officers became suspicious because he never had to testify in court.

Police said Mr. Pizzuto wanted to increase his overtime so he could make more money, while Mr. Pizzuto said his bosses were forcing him to fulfill quotas.

He was convicted of "falsifying business records" and fired.

NYPD officer canned for ticketing dead people says he was doing it to meet ‘quotas’, New York Post>>

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  1. Lol. This is funny. But I do get something from this photo. Don’t understand it literally. Go deeper. Just describing some people. Guess it’s about it.

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