America’s a foolish, backward nation (wink wink)

America's a foolish, backward nation (wink wink)
The US Situation Room during the hunt for Bin Laden

An anonymous poster in China had this to say:

Looking at the above photo, it’s enough reason for us to look down on the Americans! While hunting Bin Laden, Obama and his subordinates were staring at an on-screen live satellite feed in the White House’s Situation Room. My feelings are:

1. American subordinates don’t respect their leaders enough, and even made the dignified President squeeze into a corner to sit. Poor Obama, not even the prestige of a village head in the Celestial Dynasty ["??," slang for China].

2. The imposing White House Situation Room is really blah. It’s small, with no fancy decorations, it’s really not fit for the style of a great nation. A township-level department room in the Celestial Dynasty is probably bigger than that, and much more luxurious.

3. There are no fruit plates or beverages, no … expensive cigarettes … and this is the world’s number one economy, ha!

This online post about how America is a primitive "foolish and backward nation" is a fine example of sustained irony. It’s become a viral sensation on Chinese social media sites.

Since even an anonymous writer might get in trouble for criticizing China, this writer posted a critique of China as if he was criticizing the United States.

This is how tricksters do it.

Read the entire thing at: ‘Foolish and Backward Nation’: A Self-Effacing Chinese Satire of America, The Atlantic>>

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