A high school prank that took 48 years to uncover

A high school prank that took 48 years to uncover
14 years later, this drinking fountain would
mysteriously disappear.

The graduating class of El Cajon Valley Union High School in La Mesa, California gave the school a granite drinking fountain in 1916.

The fountain was moved to the newly built Grossmont High School in 1922.

In 1960, the fountain lay on its side while the area was being landscaped. Two senior students saw it and decided to pull a prank. They tried to carry the fountain away, but since it weighed 300 pounds, they couldn’t carry it far.

However, they could roll it into a nearby hole and bury it.

Papers at the time said the fountain had been stolen by "thirsty thieves."

The fountain sat in the hole for 48 years.

Finally, in 2008, one of the students contacted the principal. He said he knew the location of the misssing fountain. He told her that he and his friend had tried to tell previous principals, but nobody took their story seriously.

Fortunately, the area around the fountain was being landscaped, so construction workers used shovels and a backhoe to dig it up.

Today it sits on the high school campus as a decorative fountain.

A high school prank that took 48 years to uncover
The fountain, returned.

– A Look Back… The Greatest Senior Prank Ever! La Mesa Courier>>
– Fountain photo by Susan Williams, on Flickr>>

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