7-year-old boy killed by teen’s sarcasm

7-year-old boy killed by teen's sarcasm
And then he came back to life

A Facebook page was created in memory of 7-year old Javier Ramirez, who died in a car crash.

But he hadn’t died.

The boy’s real mother, Patricia Quintana, was confused and upset when friends began to call asking how she was coping with his death.

Online, some offered condolences while others realized it was a scam.

The police were called.

News stations reported on the cruel hoax, and ran stories on how to protect your online identity.

But it turns out it wasn’t a scam.

It was merely a couple of young teenagers.

And they weren’t even trying to be cruel.

A 13-year old boy was having an online conversation with a 14-year old girl when he asked her about a kid they both knew, Javier.

She joked that he had died in a car accident.

He believed her, and created the Facebook page as a memorial, using the boy’s nickname, Liddo Honesto. When the girl saw it, she tried to tell him the truth but couldn’t reach him.

Nearly 8,000 people "liked" the page before it was removed.

No charges were filed against the teenagers.

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