Women in Boxes – a film about magic assistants

Women in Boxes - a film about magic assistants
Frances Willard says this trunk 
is about all that’s left of the tent 
show she worked with her father.

Watch a documentary about women who’ve work in the background as magician’s assistants (and are many times, also the magician’s wife). Co-director Phil Noyes explains how the film got its start:

I went to a school function for one of my children and it was held at
this amazing theater that was on the grounds of a classic Los Angeles
twenties mansion and somebody at the party asked if I had ever done a
story about "this place" as I have been producing a PBS series about
California history for fifteen years. A very elegant woman overheard our
conversation and asked if I would like to know the history, as she
lived on the property? It ended up being Blaire Larsen who is married to Dante Larsen whose
family started the Magic Castle. Blaire and I hit it off and about five
minutes into our conversation, she mentioned her idea about a film
about magician’s assistants called WOMEN IN BOXES. I was sold before she
finished her sentence and we started filming two weeks later.

The film shows the nitty-gritty reality behind the magic. As one woman says whose hip still hurts from falling off an impalement illusion when she was younger: "that’s part of the business."

Women in Boxes

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  1. Thank you for writing about Women in Boxes. It is a timeless film, not just about magic, but about those "special" relationships…..

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