Why you shouldn’t steal from a tech professor

Why you shouldn't steal from a tech professor
Piotr Pasciak loved the advances 
in hi-tech cameras, but now 
he’s not so sure.

Mr. Lee is a college professor who teaches about technology.  One day in June, someone entered his Manhattan apartment and stole some electronics.

Nobody saw anything, and the door had not been forced open.

Mr. Lee set up a video surveillance camera called Dropcam, a wireless camera that stores high definition video online.

Seven weeks later, the burglar burgled again, and Mr. Lee brought his video evidence to police, with a very clear shot of the burglar.

Said Mr. Lee:

"The police saw the video and thought it was hilarious. They said it’s very rare for a private citizen to have surveillance video in their apartment."

After releasing the video to the media, 24-year-old Piotr Pasciak, who’d been imprisoned for a previous burglary, was found and arrested.

It was three days after the burglary.

– An Improvised Trap for a Burglar Who Made Himself at Home, The New York Times>>
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