Why the pilot ignored the bomb threat

Why the pilot ignored the bomb threat
Can you find the bomb cleverly hidden in this picture?

A British Airways plane was flying from London to Tokyo with 150 passengers on board when the pilot was told about a message while the plane was over the Middle East:

"The bomb on board will explode at 16.00GMT unless our demands are met"

The threat was written on the plane’s toilet door. A member of the crew, steward Mathew Davis, age 22, discovered it and told both the pilot and his colleague, a stewardess.

She was terrified.

The pilot had some experience with situations similar to this. After consulting with security officials at Heathrow airport, he did not take the threat seriously and did not make an emergency landing.

He believed it was a hoax.

When the plane landed, Mr. Davis was asked to write a report about the incident.

His handwriting matched the writing on the back of the door.

Mr. Davis said he was hoping he would be seen as a hero in the crisis and get a promotion.

Instead he was arrested and sentenced to six months in jail.

The judge said:

"He plainly in the future shouldn’t be employed by any airline or in any position of trust such as this."

BA steward jailed for hoax bomb threat he left in plane’s toilet so he could ‘save the day’ and be promoted, MailOnline>>

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