What the judge said to a vodka-soaked prankster

What the judge said to a vodka-soaked prankster
"We take the view that you are…"

This story would be nothing without the final comment of the judge.

In the small English town of Peterlee, Debby Coxon, age 26, had consumed a great deal of vodka. She was then encouraged by friends to prank her neighbor, with whom she had some sort of disagreement.

Ms. Coxon called police and said her neighbor was causing a ruckus: bottles were being smashed, loud music was blaring and a stolen car was in the driveway.

Police went next door to investigate and found no ruckus. When they woke up neighbor Donna Louise Lewis, she did say an odd thing had happened earlier – someone had arrived at her door to deliver Chinese food she hadn’t ordered.

While the police were talking with her, more bogus deliveries arrived.

Police learned that all the fake calls had come from Ms. Coxon, who’d used her own cell phone.

She was arrested and charged with fraud and harassment and ordered to pay court costs and reparations.

Which leads us to the comment made in court to Ms. Coxon by the chairmen of the bench (equivalent to a head magistrate or judge):

"You wasted an awful lot of police time, an awful lot of court time and this was all because you were egged on by friends… We take the view you are a stupid person and hopefully you will learn from your stupidity."

Woman waged vodka-fuelled hoax call hate campaign against her neighbour, Sunderland Echo>>

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