The “My twin sister did it!” defense

The "My twin sister did it!" defense
The hotel ad said their rooms all had
"comfy beds with crisp, white linens 
and selection of firm and soft pillows."

A woman in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania rented a room in the Holiday Inn.

She obviously found the comfy bed linens very comfortable.

After she checked out, employees discovered that various items from the room, such as blankets, pillows, etc, were missing.

A police officer found the woman, Jennifer Brown, who is 31 years old, at a nearby hotel. He asked her about the missing things.

Ms. Brown said she didn’t take them. She said it was her twin sister, Lisa Brown, who took them, and she was already gone.

The officer checked and did not find a record of a woman named Lisa Brown with the same birth date as Jennifer Brown.

Ms. Brown said that her twin sister had just contacted her and was bringing back the stolen goods.

The officer went back to her room to check for the items, which Ms. Brown denied were there.

He found them in a clear garbage bag behind the door.

Ms. Brown said her twin must have just put them there.

The officer arrested her for theft and for making a false report.

As you may have guessed, she does not have a twin sister.

However, before you get too smug about the twin defense, read my earlier post about Mitch Torbett’s experience: "But my evil twin did the crime!"

Former Daugherty Twp. woman blames fake twin sister for hotel theft, Times Online>>

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