The high school sex tape prank

The high school sex tape prank
It seemed like a long time.

450 people were watching a photo and video presentation of the students who were graduating from Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium in Denmark.

Suddenly, a video clip of one of the male students appeared.

He was engaged in an extracurricular activity, pleasuring a female student in what seemed to be footage from a hidden camera.

It’s unclear who contributed the clip, but the school dealt with the person who edited it.

The school is not charging the student or the unidentified woman (who does not go to the school), but said, if she wanted, she could pursue a criminal case against the pranksters.

Said one student:

"It started with some pictures of them and you thought it was fun. But it then turned into a sex video… Everyone was shocked – but no-one turned it off. It was clearly too much and the 30 seconds the film lasted, felt a very long time."

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NOTE: The image used is of the 19-year-old actress Hedwig Kiesler in the film "Ekstase" ("Ecstasy") from 1933. Later she changed her name to Hedy Lamarr.

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