The deceptive TV game show from 1956

The deceptive TV game show from 1956
Charles Van Doren on the cover 

of "TV Guide" magazine

Today, many people don’t know the story of Charles Van Doren. In 1956, the 31-year old academic appeared on a quiz show called Twenty One. He was a popular contestant who won $129,000 and was watched by millions of Americans.

Later he admitted to a U.S. Congress subcommittee investigating TV quiz shows that the show was rigged – he had been given the answers and coached on how to respond:

"I was involved, deeply involved, in a deception. The fact that I, too, was very much deceived cannot keep me from being the principal victim of that deception, because I was its principal symbol…"

In an article for The New Yorker written over 50 years after the scandal, Mr. Van Doren broke his long silence and wrote about how the deception affected his life.

Read the complete article: All the Answers. The quiz-show scandalsand the aftermath. The New Yorker>>

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