Thailand’s moist rice scam

Thailand's moist rice scam
"Wow, this rice feels so moist."

In Thailand, the government gives subsidies to rice farmers in what’s called rice pledging.

Authorities have discovered the program is filled with corruption.

In one of many schemes, farmers and the government are defrauded by rice millers when they weigh and measure the moisture content of the rice.

To get the most money for their rice, the rice brought in by farmers to rice millers must not be over 15% moisture content.

The miller will either use rigged scales to show that the rice is above 15% in moisture, or workers will scoop the rice onto the scales with their hands, which adds moisture.

That way the farmer is paid less, but the rice miller can claim a higher amount from the government.

DSI lifts lid on rice pledge fraud tactics. Police say PWO officials involved in corruption Bangkok Post>>

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