Sure, I’d buy art from this honest old man

Sure, I'd buy art from this honest old man
He asked questions about her life, and 
seemed sympathetic about her ill child.

A woman saw an ad for great prices on Chinese art, so she visited the art dealer, an old Chinese man named Wan Lung Tsui. He who showed her an original painting by the famous artist Huang Zhou. She felt he was sincere and honest.

After doing some research, she thought she could sell the painting on an upcoming China trip for more than three times what he was asking, so she paid him $3,000 for that work and some other antiques.

When she had the works appraised, she discovered the antiques weren’t that old, and the painting was a copy. Total value: about $250.

She returned to demand a refund and ran into another buyer who had also purchased a fake painting.

She still hasn’t gotten her money back.

Experts warn that buyers should not buy art for an investment if they aren’t knowledgable in the field and don’t know where it came from.

Even if the seller looks sincere.

– Fake Chinese art scam hooks would-be investors, CTV News>>
– (By the way, the image is not of the fraudulent art dealer. It’s a photo altered to make his face look even more sincere.) 
– Image from Imgur>>

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One thought on “Sure, I’d buy art from this honest old man

  1. So she wanted to buy the piece of art so she can sell it at 3x the price. So she was going to con him had the work been authentic, he just ended up being quicker and smarter than her. Good for him. I hate fraudsters but this one won’t rile me. SHe got what she deserved. 🙂

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