See a naked woman taking a bath in a UFO

See a naked woman taking a bath in a UFO
A nude bather, September, 1943

In 1947, UFOs were in the news, and Woodworth, North Dakota was not spared a visit.  A flying saucer was reported to have landed in the yard of Mrs. Bert Miller.

By noon, hundreds had arrived at Mrs. Miller’s house, including Capt. G.W. McCoy of the Civil Air Patrol in Fargo, who was commanded to guard the craft.

Sometime during all this commotion, five pranksters couldn’t keep their secret.

The five men (Oscar Cellmer, William Clark, John Wingire, Palmer Hanson and Leslie Thompson) knew exactly where the flying saucer had come from, and it wasn’t outer space.

They had worked all night to make the fake UFO out of a washtub, a lamp shade, radio parts and a car fan, welding the pieces together, coating them in silver paint, and then leaving the craft in Mrs. Miller’s yard.

Their hoax gained national attention.

The naked woman in the washtub is burlesque dancer Sally Rand, who was also adept at fooling people. Her illusion was seeming to appear nude onstage while dancing with a translucent bubble, behind a screen, or with large ostrich feather fans:

See a naked woman taking a bath in a UFO
Sally Rand and her fans

Her secret was makeup, flesh-colored body stockings and clever choreography, which stimulated an audience’s lurid imagination.

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  1. and more of them—Sally-Rand-Rare-Vintage-Nude-Signed-8×10-Photo-Pers-76819/76819

    and again with frontal nudity

    I hate the fact that people feel the need to censor history. From about 1400CE until 1730, the female breast was iun full view – from the early 1400s until about 1700 the entire breast was shown in public in the style called "Extreme Decolletage and Queen Elizabeth I was a big fan of that style – unfortunately the Council of Trent resulted in massive censorship of anything seen in public or in a church. Tens of thousands of male statues had their PENISES chiseled off and covered with a leaf. Breasts in paintings were repainted to cover them up. Only a few paintings in private collections behind locked doors survived.CHIPPED OFF AND REPLACED WITH LEAVES.- this was the largest vandalizing of art in history. This is why there are so many paintings with "out of place" branches, and pieces of cloth. Even Adam and Eve were painted over in the cathedrals (they were nude). For one obvious example (to those who understand Renaissance costuming) look at the famous Rainbow Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I – her nipples (in that sort of corset) would have been about 2 cm below her arm pits. Yet her entire chest is painted in the very same colour without any shades at all (for some odd reason) – all of this ws done even though it was documented by the Venetian Ambassador that Elizabeth I wore Extreme Decolletage into her old age (he complained at having to see "her old withered dugs"). In fact most of the late middle ages and Renaissance women who were consider4d to be of high moral character – wore that style daily – and it (over time) became the standard dress for women of all classes. ***NOTE *** we never ever see this in ANY historical (supposedly accurate) movie. Then again the women in Pride and Prejudice are also dress wrong (no nipples in view).

    As for more recent history, "adult" entertainment before the Hayes Code killed the movies and the strict anti-sex moralism of the 50s made all adult entertainment into "dirty smut" 195 0s made everything obscene, often involved nudity in burlesque and in stage reviews. Recall that there was no censorship (or ratings) in movies for quite a while either, and as a result there was a lot of casual (non sexual) nudity … until the Hayes Code came into practice (and no theater would show a movie that did not adhere to the code … for quite some time). in the post Hayes Code era, sexuality was replaced with violence. The "culmination" of sex (which had already been shown tastefully on film – including the first female orgasm on film) was replaced. No more blatant sex acts could be shown – and so American Grind-house was born. A form of film where violence replaced sex, and nudity was always coupled with hitting women, rape, murder or even outright gutting & dismemberment (to keep the public safe from seeing breasts, vaginas and butts).. and this is where the entire slasher genre came from…a sort of "psychopathic" variation on sex acts

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