Science says people don’t like the nine of spades

Science says people don't like the nine of spades
When asked to think of a card, 

nobody chooses her.

A group of researchers and magicians teamed up and did an experiment using visual science techniques and discovered which cards in a deck were best remembered:

"…magicians believe that people treat the Ace of Spades and Queen of Hearts differently from other cards. Sure enough, accuracy for detecting and remembering was highest for the Ace of Spades, and both cards were among the most liked and most often chosen. Other cards chosen frequently were Sevens and Threes, consistent with other studies on how people choose digits…"

And which cards were chosen least?

"…it was the black Nines that were chosen the least. Of the 1150 selections people made in our experiment, these cards were only chosen four times."

Read the article: Revealing the Psychology of Playing Card Magic. A psychology researcher (and magician) explains what happens after you hear "think of a card" Scientific American>>

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