Reporter scams 3 hospitals with his pee

Reporter scams 3 hospitals with his pee
They were conning patients who had 
submitted their urine samples.

A reporter in China investigated whether hospitals were scamming patients with fake diagnostic tests.

He submitted urine samples to three different private hospitals, which gave him three different results:

  • A hospital in Shijiazhuang said his urine contained  bacteria and fungi and he needed a week of treatments costing about $600.
  • A hospital in Shenyang said he had prostate calcification and a testicular cyst, which would cost him over $1200.
  • Finally, a hospital in Changchun advised he get a "nuclear energy proton treatment" that would cost the reporter $1000 per day.

However, the real problem was not that the medical diagnoses were all different.

It was the fact that, instead of urine, the reporter had submitted three fake urine samples that were actually green tea.

If I were a punning man, I might call this one Three Cups of Pee.

Chinese Reporter Uses Tea As Urine Sample To Expose Hospital Scams, Worldcrunch>>

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