How to steal using the distraction scam

How to steal using the distraction scam
You need multiple players to play this con game.

A large group of con artists stole $38,000 from a Vietnamese grocery in Syracuse by using a swarm and distract technique.

The criminals entered in small groups until there were nine of them in the store. They then distracted the clerk to manuever her away from the counter. When she left the counter, some of them created a screen with their bodies while one woman crept behind the counter and stole the money.

This particular store was a good target because it catered to immigrants who gave money to them to send back to their families in Vietnam.

Notice that the con artists were all wearing hats or hoods to help disguise themselves.

And even though their faces were caught on camera, these gangs usually travel quickly through an area so they’re never anywhere long enough to be identified.

Scams of this type are attributed to "Gypsies" because many of the criminal gangs using this method to steal are all members of the same family and have Roma (or Gypsy) heritage.

Distraction scam at grocery store

This video shows how a gang of ten entered a jewelry store right after they opened, and cleaned out the safe, which they may have known was open because an employee was still filling up the display cases.

$175,000 theft from jewelry store

This snippet of a CourtTV episode shows some great examples of the distraction theft method, but makes the mistake of using the word "gypsy" to portray all gypsies as thieves.

Gypsy Burglaries Exposed – Distraction Method

Crime video: "Highly orchestrated" scam artists steal $38,000 from Syracuse grocery,>>

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