How to rip up a card and restore it by magic

How to rip up a card and restore it by magic
Guy Hollingworth messes with 
your mind using a playing card.

I wanted to show magician Guy Hollingworth in a more elegant setting doing his illusion, but this is the best I could find, where he performs for presenter Clive Coleman from BBC Radio 4.

His trick is a small masterpiece.

Many magicians before him have performed a torn and restored card trick, but Guy Hollingworth spent countless hours inventing and perfecting his version of the trick, where he takes a selected, signed card, rips it into four pieces, and then slowly and magically mends all of the tears until the card is whole again. (And it honestly is whole – he hands it out at the end.)

Guy Hollingworth: The Reformation

How does he do it?

He follows a detailed procedure he’s performed thousands and thousands of times, and deceives you with subtle hand movements and misdirections.

How to rip up a card and restore it by magic
 Drawing Room Deceptions

You can learn it yourself by buying his elegant 1999 book Drawing Room Deceptions, where he explains this trick and many others. This one is called "The Reformation", and requires 30 pages.

Mr. Hollingworth is also an attorney (barrister) in the UK, specializing in intellectual rights.

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