How a group of women rescue American sex slaves

How a group of women rescue American sex slaves
From an actual ad in Backstage: "New Girl .. 
Sexy fun and exotic mia SPECIALS – 18"

They search for underage girls involved in the sex trade, searching online ads using phrases like "new to town" and "barely 18", and noticing if her photos display "teen acne, baby fat, or barely developed curves", all signs that she might be a young girl.

They both have intensely personal reasons for the work they do.

From an article in Marie Claire magazine:

At FAIR Girls’ D.C. office, a five-person operation with secondhand furniture and a sole social worker one of only a handful of organizations in the country dedicated to assisting teens escape the sex trade Powell and her staff often get calls from police in the middle of the night saying they’ve found a girl in a prostitution ring who needs help. Powell will snap into action, counseling traumatized girls right off the street, finding them shelter, and sometimes reconnecting them with their families…

From their cramped office with bent blinds the location of which is kept secret to protect former prostitutes from their violent pimps Powell and Alissa scour the ads, looking for girls who bear the trademarks of adolescence, such as teen acne, baby fat, or barely developed curves. They search for key phrases like "new to town" and "barely 18," code words that may signal the girl is a minor. When they see a suspicious ad, Powell flags it for the local police officers she regularly works with, hoping they’ll set up a sting with a male officer posing as a john. She reports about four ads each week…

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