Fake celebrity draws a crowd in Times Square

Fake celebrity draws a crowd in Times Square
No one knew who he really was, yet 
groups of young women posed with him.

It’s a modern version of the gag where one person looks up and points at the sky, and soon a crowd forms and they all begin to look up, even though they’re looking at nothing.

Brett Cohen, a 21-year-old student, wondered what it would be like to be famous, so he staged a prank in Times Square in New York City. He hired two bodyguards and got 13 of his friends to follow him around as his entourage, with fake paparazzi snapping photos and filming him. Even though nobody in his group ever said he was famous, others began to react to him as if he was famous, with some commenting on the music they’d heard him record, and – oh yeah – that film they’d seen him in…

Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City

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2 thoughts on “Fake celebrity draws a crowd in Times Square

  1. This brings back memories of an old friend I knew back in the 1980s. He was what is known as an "attention whore." At the time he had long blond hair and some people mistook him for David Lee Roth. We started hitting the night clubs and he only got worse for want of attention, so he came up with the idea of paying me and some other friends to be pretend bodyguards, vip’s, etc., to enter night clubs with so that he’d be the center of attention. He’d even get two models to hang off his arm. It was fun because girls would come up to me wanting to know more about him and I had my easy opening. Oh those were some nights.

  2. Oh the evil geniuses we could be in our youth.

    I’d never thought about how effective it would be for the ones surrounding the "famous person".

    These "pretending to be famous" techniques sound like they might lead to a book or seminar for the pickup artist community, with "wingmen" replaced by your own hired entourage and paparazzi.

    King for a Day, indeed.

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