Boy’s room turns into girl’s room in revenge prank

Boy's room turns into girl's room in revenge prank
This is what his room looked like before 
a squad of pranksters went to work.

When Tobias Mathijsen’s fifteen-year-old brother altered his Facebook profile as a joke, instead of starting a Facebook prank war, he swore to have his revenge.

And revenge he had.

He gathered his friends, and armed with cans of pink paint and objects more likely found in a girl’s room, like Justin Bieber posters and girl’s clothing, they completely transformed the heavy metal room into something a lot more girly.

As one prankster said, as he was affixing decorative flowers stickers to the wall: "The devil is in the details."

Some language NSFW, if you speak Dutch.

Revenge is a dish best served pink. (little girl’s room)

Brother’s room painted pink in revenge prank, Nine MSN>>

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