Watch Indian street magicians perform in 1947

Watch Indian street magicians perform in 1947
The "New Official Films" present 
"Magicians of India"

A travelogue newsreel from 1947 shows us Indian street magicians. I recognized some classic magic tricks, such as the cups and balls, smoke blown from the mouth, torn and restored string and the mango trick.

Here’s the promotional copy working its magic:

"Magicians of India – Out in the open, without screens, mirrors or confederates, they work their wonders. The string trick; watch him break it, burn it, then pull it out whole! The coin that slides uphill! The toy bird that becomes nine living ones! The mountain goat turned flag-pole sitter! The mango seed that grows before your eyes! Lifting a stone with the eye-lids! Even in India they have the shell game! The snake charmer hypnotizing the most deadly of all reptiles- the king cobra! A sting and you have 50 seconds to live!"

Try letting the voice-over amuse you rather than annoy you.

Magicians of India

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