This golf course has a tiger (No, not that Tiger)

This golf course has a tiger (No, not that Tiger)
Golfers inquire: "What should we do 
about this hazard on the 9th hole?"

I’ve written about incidents like this before, but this one from Hampshire in the UK still makes me laugh.

Several people spotted a white tiger in a field near a golf course. Police responded, and specialists with tranquilizer darts from Marwell Zoo were called. The golf course was evacuated, nearby play at the Rose Bowl cricket ground stopped, and plans were made to close a major road.

When police on the ground crept closer, they noticed the tiger was not moving.

A police helicopter flying overhead, using a thermal imaging camera, wasn’t picking up a reading of heat from the animal.

That’s when the downdraft from the helicopter blew the stuffed tiger over.

It’s unknown whether the large stuffed tiger, the type you might win in a fair, was deliberately placed there as a hoax.

This golf course has a tiger (No, not that Tiger)
 I want to see the video of the tiger blowing over.

Even though we can make fun of authorities for their overzealous reaction, it’s wise to be prudent when dealing with wild animals. Here’s a photo of the inside of a car in Boulder where a bear got himself trapped.

This golf course has a tiger (No, not that Tiger)
Lesson: don’t let a bear get inside your car.
(The vehicle was totaled.)

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One thought on “This golf course has a tiger (No, not that Tiger)

  1. That was a fun read! But, seriously, I could not imagine what my reactions would be walking in the green, enjoy tee times, only to notice in the middle of the fun that there is a white tiger lurking around.


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