The story of a boa constrictor he found

The story of a boa constrictor he found
This image of Salma Hayek dancing 
with a snake has very little to do 
with the following story. 
Except for the snake.

A man was walking along a river in Austria when he spotted something slithering along a riverbank. It was a seven and a half foot snake, a huge boa constrictor. He captured the snake and turned it over to an animal shelter.

Everyone was grateful to him that he got the snake before it hurt or killed someone.

Except the story was fake. He never really found the snake.

Susanne Hemetsberger, head of the Austrian Animal Protection Association, said the man "found" his own pet and was trying to find a way to get rid of it. She said:

"No passer-by who isn’t familiar with snakes would ever grab a boa constrictor. On the contrary, they would scream, run away and call the police."

News reports don’t say why he didn’t use a more traditional method to give away or sell the snake.

It could be he was using the fake story to publicize the fact that he also has two other large snakes he wants to get rid of.

Austrian admits making up story to get rid of snake, Reuters>>

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