The man with the Walmart toe-sucking scam

The man with the Walmart toe-sucking scam
Oh, this crazy, mixed-up 
weird lollipop of a world.

An 18-year-old woman was shopping in a Walmart in Georgia when a man approached and asked about her painted toenails. He said he was with the TV program America’s Funniest Home Videos and said if she did what he said she would get $100 in Walmart products.

She agreed.

He took a photo of her foot, then asked her to move behind a rack of clothes so he could kiss her toe, all as a prank. Instead, he popped her toe in his mouth and sucked on it. She screamed, and he told her the toe tasted so good. Then he ran from the store.

Mr. Leapheart, a 43-year-old registered sex offender, was arrested.

– Woman tells police man sucked her toe at Grovetown Walmart, The Augusta Chronicle>>
– Notorious Pervert Suspected In Walmart Toe Suck, The Smoking Gun>>

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