The lonely thief and the mummified corpse

The lonely thief and the mummified corpse
Linda Chase

Linda Chase, 71 years old, was friends with a man named Charles Zigler, aged 67. They would sit together and watch NASCAR races on the TV in their living room.

They’d lived together for 10 years.

But, unknown to him, she had stolen $28,000 of his money by forging his signature.

Mr. Zigler did not know she was stealing his money because he was unaware of the theft.

That’s because she began to steal his pension and Social Security checks after he was dead.

He died sitting in their living room, and she left him in his chair for about 18 months as his body mummified.

She continued watching TV with him and talking to his body.

Said Ms. Chase:

"It’s not that I’m heartless… I didn’t want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me…"

Although she was charged with forgery, she was not charged in connection with Mr. Zigler’s death.

It’s believed that Mr. Zigler died of natural causes.

The situation was discovered after relatives called the police to check on him. They had tried calling and visiting, but Ms. Chase always told them he was out or that he was unable to come to the phone.

Forgery charges against Linda Chase bring closure, frustration to family of man kept more than 18 months after death, Michigan Live>>

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