The fall of a woman accused of fraud

The fall of a woman accused of fraud
They caught up with her at the 
Las Vegas MGM Grand Signature Hotel.

Elizabeth Victoria DeMaria told investors she was starting a television company called The Vegas Channel.

She promised investors a huge return on their money – up to 20 times their initial investment in 18 months.

Nine people gave her a total of $200,000.

But despite her promise that all the money was going into developing the business, some of the funds were put into an account called Luxury Lifestyles of Las Vegas.

Ms. DeMaria withdrew over $126,000 from that account and spent some of the money on herself.

She was charged with 11 counts of fraud and theft.

Then she disappeared.

Investigators got a good lead in June of 2012. They began following her father, Ralph DeMaria. When he stopped to go into a Walmart, they looked inside his car and saw he had a floral print bag in his car with the name "Lisa Victoria" on it.

Lisa Victoria was the name his daughter used as an alias.

When her father dropped the bag off at the MGM Grand Signature Hotel, they discovered it was going to be delivered to Tower 3, room 35811, on the 35th floor.

They knocked on the door to serve her with a bench warrant.

They heard the voice of a woman. It was Ms. DeMaria.

After the two investigators forced their way inside, she threw her laptop computer off the balcony.

According to the warrant, while staying at the hotel, she had been "writing disparaging blogs about witnesses related to her criminal prosecution."

She also wrote that she felt unjustly persecuted.

She had a U.S. passport under her fake name, which might have allowed her to flee the country.

Ms. DeMaria was not arrested, however.

After she threw her computer off the balcony, she stood on the railing and jumped off, falling 35 stories to her death.

She was 46 years old.

The fall of a woman accused of fraud
Elizabeth Victoria DeMaria

The fall of a woman accused of fraud
Elizabeth Victoria DeMaria

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14 thoughts on “The fall of a woman accused of fraud

  1. So I can’t tell if she’s guilty or not. Was she a thief and criminal, or someone really messed up ?

  2. She was both… I know this first hand. She definitely was guilty–no doubt and seriously troubled.

  3. Roxyagredano:

    Do you know if she could control her behavior? From reading her blog, it seems she might have had a mental disorder.

    It’s always difficult to figure out what "guilty" means in cases like this because the person might have been compelled by their brain to act illegally. Where’s the line between not being responsible for your actions and taking responsibility?

    Roxy, if you can offer any insights into Elizabeth, you can post them here or send me a private email at "bobdomeros at". Thanks.

  4. Bob, She was a very paranoid and sociopathic individual. I also know first hand because I was one of many victims of her fraudulent schemes. Why are you interested to learn more about Elizabeth? Just curious.

  5. Anonymous:

    I’m interested in Elizabeth because there’s always more to someone’s story. How was she able to defraud others with her schemes? Did she lie all the time or just to certain people? Did she convince herself that her lies were true, or did she know she was cheating people? How did you feel when you discovered she had cheated you? Did you forgive her or were you furious with her?

    Some people I’ve written about who lied all the time were very loyal to certain people. Some were fun to be around because they had so much energy, but that energy could also turn quickly into anger and inappropriate behavior.

    I’m interested in knowing how Elizabeth lived her life, and how her life caught up with yours.

  6. Bob,

    She had a unique personality that was perceived my many to be very caring and sincere. When was questioned by someone’s concern about her plans, or if someone disagreed with her, she would then (as you mentioned) quickly become furious with lengthy verbal attacks to convince that person that they were out of line to question anything. Her technique to defraud others was by the "classic con-artist, sociopathic behaviors. She was very good at convincing, and quite smart.

    She was a "complex" pathological liar, keeping her creative stories tight. At one point, I started to believe she was convincing herself about her lies, but then it became obvious she knew she was deceiving many people.

    When I convinced that I was cheated, my anger gradually escalated as I was continuously threatened.

    I can say her only loyalty she had was to her dogs, far above her family. I’ve witnessed her lying to her parents to convince them about her venture in order to keep them confident in her plan or possibly to deceive them.

    She was very "crazy-fun" person to be around with lots of energy.

    I’m reluctant reveal too much about how we crossed paths, but mostly business… as I thought it was.

    I can assure you that her behaviors fit the profile of a sociopath completely. I learned this soon after I became a victim.

    If you have anymore questions, feel free ask.

  7. I knew her from high school. Lisa made people believe whatever she wanted.Lisa had a way about her.
    you knew that what she was saying was not true but she would make you second guess yourself.

  8. Dear Anonymous:

    In reading all the articles about Lisa or Victoria, or whomever she really was, she appears to have been pretty deceiving!!!!

    However, I noticed you stated you met her in High School, that was many years ago. Was she the same kind of woman way back then? Why would anyone stay in contact with such an individual?

    You also stated you personally witnessed her lying to her parents to convince them of her venture. You need to question yourself at some point… most people would run from a person like that!

    At what point did you realize she was not the person she portrayed herself to be? Disturbing that someone would go to the extent of acting sincere and caring, to gain another individuals trust & perhaps friendship. People like her do this primarily for selfish gain. They truly do not care about other people, and do whatever feeds their personal agenda or need. Sociopath’s are evil, non-caring people. It doesn’t make me feel safe to know there are many crazy people out there like her.

    Many want to trust or believe other’s, hey, a RED FLAG IS A RED FLAG! She didn’t seem like she fooled too many, the article said 9 people were fooled by this woman… Very Sad! Hope you recover from such an ordeal.

  9. Let me clarify my statement regarding her fooling 9 people only. It appears she’s been fooling & manipulating people most of her life ie, her Grandmother and parents (from what the articles stated) and more than likely many others in her life. Sucks you fell for her games too. I’m gathering from your comments you’re a guy… She wasn’t an attractive woman by any means, woof woof. Just sayin Dude!

  10. What does you thinking she was or was not attractive have to do with anything? She was obviously troubled, likely a sociopath, and her behavior caused troubles for many other people. Whether you think "she wasn’t an attractive woman" is not the point.

  11. Sorry to touch a nerve Bob, but we all have an initial attraction. Her looks did not scream kind & sincere. Perhaps I should have been more specific in my wording. I take kindness & sincerity very serious when dealing with people.

  12. It is very easy to become a victim of a sociopath’s con game. You should never feel stupid for falling prey to such a charismatic, intelligent word-smith. They are pathological liars and if you have ever had the displeasure of meeting a pathological liar it is very difficult to discern the truth. They lie about things that a normal person would never think or care to lie about. I find it very hard to believe her family was not privy to her lies- maybe they chose to be completely oblivious but I highly doubt it! Her family has had many years of experience with her lies and fantastical stories- more than anything they were there to make her seem more credible!

  13. I went to grade school with Lisa. I’m am saddened to come upon this after looking for her on We were off and on best friends as kids would do. Instead of thinking about the negative.. I’m going to remember Lisa as she was when I knew her so many years ago. We were buds… She was fun, adventurous, caring, and a friend. No matter what happened here… she will always be that to me.. God Bless Lisa and her family.

  14. I’m sorry that you had to learn of her death this way, but then again there’s probably no good way to hear about a death.

    I’m glad you will remember her as a friend.

    It should remind all of us that no matter what happens to anyone in this life, at one time we were all young and had friends who cared about us.

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