The American flag optical illusion

The American flag optical illusion
Stare at the center star until 
your patriotism increases.

What to do:

  1. Click to enlarge the image of the flag. 
  2. Stare at the misplaced star in the center of this American flag for 50 seconds (one second for each of the American states). 
  3. Now stare at a white wall, or close your eyes and tilt your head up.

You should see a ghostly afterimage of the American flag, with the correct colors.


It’s an example of an afterimage.

When you keep looking at the colors in the flag, your eye gets tired and the cells in your eye stop responding to the colors. When you look away from the flag, your brain says, "Hey, I’m not getting any signals that this color is blue, so it must be red."

Either that, or it’s just magic.

– Color aftereffect explanation, IllusionWorks>>
– USA Flag Supply>>

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