Share an eyeball – optical illusion

Share an eyeball - optical illusion
"The history of light and shadow
will be written in blood!"

This photo was found on the Christwire website, illustrating an article on the evils of Zelda tattoos:

"The Legend of Zelda is a demonic video games series that follows the path of a young sorcerer named Zelda, as he uses witchcraft and a Satanic blade to violently murder various creatures… 

Here we see the international reach of Zelda.  The hearts represent the life the "player" can steal from disposed victims in the game.  Upon the male, Zelda holds up his Master Sword phallus in a symbol of ultimate perverse symbolism."

That must be why they only have three eyes between them.

Bared Skin Zelda Tattoo Girls – Is This Your Daughter on Facebook? (Photographic Investigation)>>

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2 thoughts on “Share an eyeball – optical illusion

  1. Wow. You tuned your "deception radar" to and discovered…an optical illusion?

    Well spotted. I would have missed that.

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