Old guy, victim of a con, gets the last laugh

Old guy, victim of a con, gets the last laugh
This California man was caught off-guard, 
but he still knew something fishy was going on 
when one nurse walked back to the bathroom.

Morris McCoy, aged 81, had recently been treated for a mild heart attack. While he was watching TV at home, two nurses showed up. They said the hospital had sent them to check up on him.

While they were there, Mr. McCoy was suspicious. Soon after they left, he realized his wallet was missing and called police. Because of his quick response, they caught the women using his credit card at a nearby JC Penny store.

Although they were wearing surgical scrubs, they weren’t real nurses.

They had also scammed another elderly resident, and likely targeted both their victims because their homes had wheelchair ramps.

Christina Amaya, 29, and Elizabeth Marks, 46, face five felony charges each.

Old guy, victim of a con, gets the last laugh
Amaya and Marks, not nurses

Ms. Amaya did have an ID card from a hospital, where she was training to be a secretary.

It is unlikely she kept her job.

(NOTE: There’s a link to the news story. Watch it if only to hear Mr. McCoy’s laugh.)

Lodi scam victim, 81, helps cops catch crooks,  News10 Neighborhood Lodi>>

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One thought on “Old guy, victim of a con, gets the last laugh

  1. I very much enjoy the history of nineteenth century confidence men, the intelligence and ingenuity these criminals had to separate their prey of cash. However, I can’t stand hearing of the poor, elderly, or disabled, as victims of bunco swindles. How can I be a historian and a hypocrite at the same time? I use the history as a way to educate the people of the dangers that lurk. On my sites I have the following quote I created: "Upon the world he made his mark, and from him we learn how not to be one."

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