Is this tapeworm ad real or fake?

Is this tapeworm ad real or fake?
"Fat – the ENEMY that is 
shortening Your Life BANISHED! 
How? With sanitized tape worms"
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Here’s a vintage ad that touts tapeworms as a diet aid.

The urban legend site Snopes says tapeworms might have been used for dieting (they classify the legend as "undetermined"):

As unlikely as this must sound, there might be some reason to believe tapeworm diet pills were once marketed in the United States between 1900 and 1920. A number of sources have indicated encountering advertisements for such products, but whether the products advertised actually matched their descriptions would be difficult to verify. (Just because an ad for a diet pill proclaimed the product contained tapeworms doesn’t mean it really did duping people into buying medicinal nostrums by way of making false and exaggerated claims was standard procedure in the days before government regulation of food and drug products.)

But is the advertisement shown above real or not? 

As the worm squirms, Snopes>>

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