How a trick caught someone leaving anti-gay slurs

How a trick caught someone leaving anti-gay slurs
Alexandra Pennell

Someone was harassing Alexandra Pennell, a 19-year-old openly lesbian student at Central Connecticut State University.

Someone had written anti-gay messages on her door, and slipped anti-gay letters underneath it.

The school took the incidents seriously.  At a rally attended by hundreds of supporters, Ms. Pennell spoke:

"All I have to say is that I’m not going to be run out of my home, and I will not be intimidated by hate."

The police investigated. They installed a video camera in her room to catch the culprit. But the camera had been mysteriously disabled two times, and the notes continued.

They decided someone must have known about the surveillance.

So police installed a second camera inside a hall closet, a camera that Ms. Pennell and her roommates did not know about.

Then police told the women they had to remove the first camera for repairs.

After police viewed the tape, they told Ms. Pennell that they’d found the culprit.

It was Ms. Pennell.

She denied it.

They explained that the second camera had recorded her leaving the notes.

She said that maybe some of those notes were from her, but the rest were real.

Police said the second camera had been there for quite a while.

She confessed.

Ms. Pennell had left all the notes and messages so that her roommate would spend more time with her, and because she was afraid her girlfriend was leaving her. She said she liked all the attention she was getting.

She was kicked out of school and faces eight felony charges related to deceiving the police.

CCSU Police Say Student Faked Anti-Gay Notes. Alleged Bias Prompted Campus Rally Where Accused Student SpokeHartford Courant>>

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