How not to be a major drug dealer

How not to be a major drug dealer
Eighteen-year-old Nate 
had recently switched 
careers – from pizza 
delivery boy to drug kingpin.

You’d think that moving $38 million in marijuana across the Canadian border would require smart and stealthy behavior. But that’s not how these young smugglers operated. From the Rolling Stone article Kid Cannabis: How a Chubby Pizza-Delivery Boy from Idaho Became a Drug Kingpin by Mark Binelli:

Perhaps unwisely, the guys flagrantly ignored an oft-quoted maxim from Scarface namely, never get high on your own supply. "We were stoned every day," Scuzz confirms. "Me and Nate would just take the best-looking bags. I don’t think I had a sober day for three years. I mean," he quickly adds, "a lot of it was networking. We were finding clients. You know, go hang out at some dude’s house, smoke with him, find out if he knows anybody out of state to sell to. Next day, go to some other dude’s house. But in the in-between time, yeah, we’d be rolling two-ounce joints and playing video games."

Such behavior, while enjoyable, led to the occasional lapse in judgment. Example: Nate decided he needed a Cadillac Escalade, so he sent a couple of his guys with $40,000 in cash to buy one from some dude in North Dakota.

"The dumb-asses," says Detective Morgan, "took a video camera."

"It’s like watching Wayne’s World," says Cikutovich, Nate’s lawyer. "They’re videotaping themselves smoking doobies. Then they get there and there’s no Escalade, and they’re going, ‘Dude! Let’s find this guy and beat him up!’"

When a rival up-and-coming drug dealer, a young twenty-something named Brendan Butler, hires an assassin to kill them for $100,000, things get very bad.

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