Her breasts were not a magic disguise

Her breasts were not a magic disguise
A woman in Australia robbed a gas station 
armed with a knife and disguised 
by her magical boobs.

Tonee Walker, aged 22, and her accomplice, Alexander Joshua Spinks, had a plan. She would enter a gas station and rob the cashier while he filled up their stolen car with gas.

They decided to adjust her top so her ample cleavage was exposed as a diversion. She said she was going to give the cashier "something to look at".

She threatened the attendant with a knife and escaped with a few hundred dollars.

Her "disguise", which had the news dub her the "Buxom Bandit", was not especially effective at fooling the security cameras.

She did not hide her long blond hair or her face, and since she only wore one glove, she left her fingerprints all over the counter.

Because of her well-endowed security footage, her robbery was seen around the world.

Within a week, she and Mr. Spinks were in custody.

Thankfully, the comment sections from the various news stories are all concerned with the seriousness of her armed robbery and make scant mention of her breasts.

The Buxom Bandit

Gold Coast’s alleged ‘buxom bandit’ refused bail on armed robbery charge, News.com.au>>

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