An honest practical joke – the viral video

An honest practical joke - the viral video
Little did Han know that returning the lost glasses 
would begin an inexplicable chain of events.

The National Australia Bank created a viral video about honesty to promote their credit card. They rigged a mall with a fake "Lost Property" booth at a mall and then left a pair of sunglasses on the ground and waited for people to return them.

When someone returned the glasses, they secretly took their photo. While they stalled the person at the booth, they created paper signs, TV screens, a news report and a cake with the person’s name and photo and planted them in the mall. When the victims walked by and saw them, they were understandably flummoxed.

Finally, the tricksters revealed themselves and the tagline "Honesty shouldn’t go unrewarded."

So, honestly, is this an effective ad, or is it just a tad bit creepy?

Honesty shouldn’t go unrewarded

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3 thoughts on “An honest practical joke – the viral video

  1. John:

    I agree with you that the audio is too clear. That’s probably why the soundtrack has the sounds of conversations between the pranksters and only snippets of audio from the pranked. And why we don’t get a good shot of someone’s mouth actually saying the words. They probably asked the victims to record what they’d previously said. Of course, it could be the victims were merely paid actors, but then I’d expect they would have shown us some better reactions.

    The entire thing is an advertisement for a credit card from a bank. I’m sure that an advertisement for a bank would never deceive us in any way…

  2. Uhh, I’m calling bullshit on this video–unless they wired up the "honest" people with wireless mics. The audio is WAY too close and clear for remote pickup for those long shots.

    Love the blog, though, keep up the great work!

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