Actor playing ghost vanishes from Indonesian film

Actor playing ghost vanishes from Indonesian film
Rowan Atkinson’s character Mr. Bean 
is evidently so popular in Indonesia, 
he compelled actress Dewi Perssik 
to dress up as catwoman and 
rub her butt on his statue.

Indonesian movie producer K.K. Dheera said Rowan Atkinson would star in his new film. Mr Atkinson’s Mr. Bean character would play a pocong, an Indonesian ghost covered in a shroud, in a horror / comedy film called Mr. Bean Kesurupan Depe or Mr. Bean Gets Possessed by Depe. (Depe is the nickname of actress Dewi Perssik, the costar of the film, seen above.)

However, this was certainly news to Rowan Atkinson, who said he was not appearing in the film.

It was also news to actor William Ferguson, a Mr. Bean look-alike who was hired to appear in the film.

Actor playing ghost vanishes from Indonesian film
William Ferguson, the fake Mr. Bean, 
with two other guys.

The filmmakers told Mr. Ferguson they were flying him to Jakarta to act in the background of a film. He didn’t realize until the end of the first day of his three-day shoot that he was actually a main character.

While he was there, he wasn’t allowed to talk to the press and had a bodyguard assigned to him, which must have given the illusion that he was the real Rowan Atkinson.

Mr. Ferguson wrote to the press to explain his involvement, saying he did not collude with the producer and was upset that he had been involved in an deception.

Mr. Dheera, the producer, said:

"I never wrote Rowan Atkinson’s name on the poster. I did not deceive the public."

‘I’m Upset With the Filmmakers Involving Me in This Deception’: Mr. Bean Look-Alike, Jakarta Globe>>

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