Will smoking adults listen if tricked by kids?

Will smoking adults listen if tricked by kids?
"Can I get a light for my cigarette?" 
asks a little kid

In Thailand, this anti-smoking ad was created by Ogilvy Asia for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. In the commercial, little children try to get a light for their unlit cigarette from adults who are smoking. But it’s a trick to get the adults to explain to the kids why smoking is bad for you.

Anti-smoking ad in Thailand

It’s an effective ad. Yet it’s not only the smoking adults in the ad who are being tricked. I think we’re being tricked, too. It’s very likely that the ad did not film unknown smokers on the street. Is it possible they used actors to pretend to be unknown smokers on the street, combined with a "hidden camera" style to make the ad more powerful?

What do you think?

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