What did child molesters teach to these students?

What did child molesters teach to these students?
In this upside-down photo, teacher 
Johannes Somary seems normal.

What did child molesters teach to these students?
Yet the same photo of Mr. Somary, 
flipped upside down, 
reveals a more monstrous appearance.

Amos Kamil writes about the pedophile teachers who preyed on boys at Horace Mann School, the prep school he attended in the late 1970s, and the tragic costs of keeping dark secrets:

It was in many ways an amazing place filled with inspiring teachers and smart, funny students, with a sense of enthusiasm and possibility. Despite all I’ve since learned about it, I still look back on my years there with affection and gratitude, as do so many former students, even some who shared their harrowing stories with me. But that gratitude is part of what makes these stories so painful. We were at such a vulnerable moment in our lives just beginning to make the transition from childhood into early adulthood, struggling to come to terms with the responsibilities of sexuality and trying to decide what we were willing to stand up for. We needed strong and consistent role models. In many cases we got them. But in too many other cases, we got models of how to abuse authority, how to manipulate trust, how to keep silent, how to fix your eyes forward.

Read the article: Prep-School Predators. The Horace Mann School’s Secret History of Sexual Abuse, The New York Times>>

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