The very high house that’s always unbalanced

The very high house that's always unbalanced
It’s a real house, jutting off 
the edge of a building.

South Korean born artist Do Ho Suh has created a disoriented home.

His home is a permanent art installation called "Fallen Star", which is perched over the edge of a seven-story tall campus building on the University of California campus in San Diego. He doesn’t live there, but visitors can enter. From the inside it looks like a normal room in a home, except for a slight tilt, which can cause a disorienting sense of vertigo.

Do Ho Suh:

"The slope of the floor is only five degrees, which is not that much… But then everything you see is something you’re familiar with from your own home or your parents’ home or your grandparents’ home. You physically experience this instability while you’re surrounded by elements you’re so comfortable with. I think this actually helps the audience start to think about their surroundings."

The very high house that's always unbalanced
The outside is tastefully landscaped.

The very high house that's always unbalanced
 The inside looks normal, too, except for 
the tilt and the view of a seven-story 
drop through the windows.

Do Ho Suh’s ‘Fallen Star’ makes home not so comfortable, Los Angeles Times>>

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